Barossa Business Register

RDA Barossa wanted to create an all inclusive Barossa business register that celebrated the depth of professionalism in the region. It was to be a platform that allowed for free advertisement, as well as a information resource, connecting people and creating a business community.

An online Community.

The core to the success of the Barossa Business site was to ensure that it was easy for business owners to use. We wanted them to easily submit their business to the directory, as well as to be able to find other resources that they needed. To achieve this we made it possible for all signed in members to submit a business for review, with step by step directions explaining exactly how this could be done. The online forms are clean and clear, holding their hand all the way through the process.

The other side of this coin was the way people find a local business that they need. To achieve this we made the business search front and centre of the website. We used the extensive list of categories already provided by the RDA as the backbone of this search, and then also created a map system so that people could also search based on location.


To create an online business community, bringing together active business personalities from the Barossa and surrounding areas.


We created a platform that allows business owners to both promote their business, as well as network with like minded people. Its a site that celebrates the vast array of services on hand in the Barossa Valley region.

Build Duration

6 Months


Business Directory





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