Lume Pilates & Movement

Lume Pilates and Movement, a small studio in the Adelaide CBD, is all about hands on personal care, offering Pilates with a personal touch. Pilates is all about strength through simple yet precise movement.

These two factors led us to our overall design theme; that of “Simple Structure, Personal, Powerful”.

Step 1.

The first step was to create a Colour Palette that was grounded in calm, clean, composure, while adding an element of strength. We didnt want the site to loose all feeling however, we didnt want it to be too clinical. So we took away all stark whites, and replaced them with a warm bone cream base.

The Olive green was then added to add that element of calmness and to further emphasis the personal approach.

The strength and precision came from then adding a regal blue with gold text.

Step 2.

Next was to then come up with the correct typography which would further highlight our overall theme of “Simple Structure, Personal, Powerful”. We decided on the Poppins font, which we carried throughout the whole site. Its a very clean, structured font, with a combination of straight lines and circular design. Whoever it adds an element of character through its miss-matched thickness of many of its elements.

We kept all the fonts fairly consistent, letting simple adjustments to colour and thickness doing the majority of highlighting.

The page design is made up of overlaying blocks, with colour and imagery helping your eyes flow to whats important. Simple Structure, Powerful Colours, with Personality.


To create a website that highlights the personal, hands on, approach of Lume Movement and Pilates, as well as the core principles of Pilates.


We were able to create a website that feels warm and personal; that allows you to get a real sense that Simone and her team are going to be there helping you achieve your goals. We used a combination of earthy tones, and statement colours to draw your eyes to the key elements that tell the story of Lume, while then using a clean font type to allow for easy reading.


Winter 2019

Build Duration

3 Months


Health and Wellbeing





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